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Evolution of Graphic Design (Part 2)

Here is the second post!

In this post, we will cover the time period from 1870-1930.

One thing to be noted about the design evolution is that the timelines of various design movements and inception of school of thoughts would be overlapping as at every given point of time, there had been multiple movements happening in the different parts of the world. Also, the progression of the graphic design over the decades has always been the result of the events (social/political/economical/technological) happening in that particular time period.

Coming back to the era of 1870-1930, this span led to a new beginning for graphic design and laid the foundation for it being recognised as a discipline.

Explore more about the movements and events in the slideshow below:

This era had been of turmoil, events that shook the world. The evolution of graphic design during this period depicts how responsive it is to the surroundings.

Next post would be covering the progression of graphic design from 1930-1960 – the time span during which it attained the status of a discipline.

Stay tuned…

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